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February 05, 2019

Gareth Henry Helps Students After Achieve Immense Success In Finances

Gareth Henry, a native of the United Kingdom, has shown the world that a degree in Actuarial Mathematics can get you to many more places in your career than just the insurance industry. While he himself is involved in the world of finance with Angelo Gordon & Co, he believes that it can be applied to other sectors such as tech as well. It’s all about getting to know numbers and statistics and his education in the subject from Heriot-Watt University has been instrumental in him finding success in his career. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investing.

While many students may overlook the major, Gareth Henry is so confident in its ability to help people find a good career that he has created a Bursar Fund at his alma mater. The money that the scholarship program is offering these students is not the only thing that he is offering to these students as he is also offering mentoring as well. Many would argue that this is even more valuable than the funds that he is providing to the students. In order to qualify for the Gareth Henry Bursar Fund, the students must be enrolled in Actuarial Sciences at Heriot-Watt, have a need financially, and be from the United Kingdom.

Before joining the team at Angelo Gordon & Co, Gareth Henry was the Head of International Investor Relations at Fortress Investment Group. While with Fortress, he was able to raise capital for many areas including private credit, private equity, real estate holdings, and hedge funds. Their hedge fund business worth around $4 billion was managed by Henry during his time at the company. It was this position at Fortress Investment Group that led Henry to make the move to the United States in New York where their main headquarters is located.

As the Global Head of Investor Relations, Gareth Henry has been able to bring the company impressive results. $2.5 billion was raised in 2017 in just credit products and real estate through his work. During 2016, he had exceptional results after helping the company raise assets of $4.5 billion. While his talent in mathematics is important, he knows that his relationships with clients are just as vital.

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