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April 26, 2019

A Little About Sam Sotoodeh and the Acquisition Group

Sam Sotoodeh is a businessman of many talents. Recently he and his investment group Acquisition Group negotiated an excellent deal for the purchase of the old News and Observer building. The News and Observer building is in Raleigh, NC. Sotoodeh has a bachelor degree from California State University. He also holds a graduate degree in Business Management from Cornell University.

Sam Sotoodeh has big plans to redevelop the land that the News and Observer building is sitting on. He and the Acquisition group worked a long time on acquiring the building that used to house the News and Observer. The building rests upon more than 3 acres of land. The News and Observer will be moving to its new home soon.

The new home of the News and Observer will give the newspaper more room to work with. They will have 2 floors to do their work on. The public can come and observe the newspaper’s staff while they do their job to bring digital news media to the general public. The move seems to be a step in the correct direction for the newspaper.

In the new building, the newspaper will have all the latest technology gadgets to help the staff better perform their jobs. Sam Sotoodeh is excited about acquiring the old building that housed the newspaper. He and his team at Acquisition Group worked for more than a year to acquire the building. It is certainly a big win for them.

Sam Sotoodeh’s Acquisition Group has offices throughout the world. They have other offices and buildings in Raleigh as well as other parts of North Carolina. They have worked hard throughout the process of acquiring the building that was home to the News and Observer. At first, the owners if the building did not want to sell the property to Sam Sotoodeh and Acquisition Group.

In conclusion, this article discussed Sam Sotoodeh and his company the Acquisition Group. We discussed the recent purchase of the News and Observer building by the Acquisition Group. We ended the discussion with a thought on how long it took the Acquisition Group to acquire the land.

About Sam Sotoodeh: