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June 27, 2019

How Sharon Prince is Redefining Partnerships to Solve Problems on Global Arena

For the last seven years, Grace Farms Foundation has worked with other entities in creating a better world. One of these entities that the foundation is currently working with is the United Nations on different humanitarian projects. It is also through this relationship with the UN that the foundation is able to participate in different campaigns — especially in rallying support for human rights issues. Sharon Prince — the foundation’s president and a member of the management team — believes that working with other entities is ideal for better results. Through Grace Farms Foundation, the public intellectual has also been able to interact with other professionals interested in finding solutions for humanitarian issues.

Thanks to Sharon Prince’s contributions to different projects within the UN wings, there are visible results. Through this relationship with the UN and other entities, she has been able to be part of the club that is helping the people of Nepal in finding solutions to conflict. Sharon believes that projects such as the Nepal peace initiative are not only critical to people of the region but also people around the world. For example, through participating in these projects, she has appreciated that people have different views and respecting these views is one-step to a peaceful and prosperous world.

Finally, she believes that the world needs to understand what is happening in areas such as Nepal. Sharon Prince uses two main ways to educate the world on the importance of peace and coexistence. First, she is a believer in publishing, and the last five years, she has written on what the world should do on conflict and which route is ideal in solving these problems. Second, she is one of the people that have given through provoking and inspirational talks — on global arenas — on different subjects affecting people in conflict areas. In her speeches on UN forums, Sharon has helped the world leaders to understand conflicts from a different perspective.

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