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July 18, 2019

The 2 Principles of a Successful Product Introduction with Steve Lesnard

The increasing innovation in technology has also led to a plethora of new digital and social mediums. This has no doubt, create a variety of new places for companies to introduce their newest products. Although the options of plentiful, simply choosing one at random can actually be counterproductive. Therefore, we’ve consulted with one of the nation’s leading brand consultants Steve Lesnard. The following will be a list of the two principles that Steve Lesnard follows when working with a new client.

Principle #1 Keeping it Simple to Make it Memorable

Steve Lesnard states that the first thing any business should do is establish a clear story outline for their company. This is easier said than done but sometimes simply choosing a lane to follow is your best bet. The goal here is to articulate to your consumer base in simple terms why your product is not only the most innovative but the better choice. We saw this principle in action when Apple was first introducing the iPod to the market. Instead of bombarding consumers with a long list of features, they opted to keep things simple by simply saying, “10k songs in your pocket.” This allowed Apple to quickly provide consumers with a clear benefit and value to purchasing the iPod over other versions.

Principle #2 “Bring it to life to make it real.”

Steve Lesnard’s second principles involve the creation of the experience you want your consumer to have when they purchase your product. This will include asking yourself a series of questions such as; How will they look using it? How can it be utilized throughout their everyday life etc. Often companies such as YETI will use the medium of video platforms to demonstrate their product in the right context. For example, YETI will often place their product in the hands of their brand ambassadors. Their ambassadors will then film themselves using the product this demonstrating to the consumer how they can use it too and how they will look like when they have purchased the YETI product.