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February 01, 2019

The Ethics Spice of Mr. Nicolas Krafft

Nicolas Krafft is an excellent entrepreneur who has worked for L’Oreal for many years in different capacities. He possesses proficient communication skills; both oral and written. He has served in various management boards and thus knows the company in and out. Nicolas loves innovative employees and would do anything to support their innovation adventure. That is why every year he leads L’Oreal in celebrating Ethics Day an event that involves the appreciation of all critical stakeholders of the company.

Ethics Day Celebration

Business ethics forms the core of any business operation. It enables employees to operate with utmost sincerity while at the same time achieving an organization’s deliverables. L’Oreal is one such organization that teaches employees the importance of carrying out their duties in an ethical manner. The company boasts of a secure network of professionals. Every single day the management ensures that these experts are in line with the principle unto which L’Oreal operates on.

L’Oreal has the tradition of celebrating Ethics Day every year. Some people question the importance of this noble act. What they don’t know is that the celebrations have a lot of benefits to the company’s operations. Nicolas Krafft, the global Vice President of Business Development for L’oreal has consistently backed the move of rewarding employees and reminding them of what they need to do so that the company remains at the top.

During these celebrations, all stakeholders gather for a variety of activities. They also participate in many team building activities to bond more with each other. After which, the financial year’s plans and achievements are read, and employees are invited to give in suggestions. Those who have had an excellent performance are awarded to motivate others to work harder. Ethics Day Celebration has had a lot of impact on the overall performance of L’Oreal.

Nicolas Krafft believes that employees need to receive enough motivation to continue with any significant work. They also need to bond more to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. That way, they can foster a healthy relationship which is essential for a results-oriented business model.