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June 24, 2019

The Keys to the Success of Sergey Petrossov

One of the tech innovators who has had a huge impact over the past decade is Sergey Petrossov. He has risen to prominence as a result of several apps that he has been responsible for designing. He enjoys coming up with ideas that make certain tasks easier for people to perform. He accomplished this when he was the driving force behind JetSmarter. This is a mobile app that he currently presides over as CEO. It allows people to quickly browse info about many different companies that charter private jets. The prices and features that each company offers are all made available for fast and easy reference.

JetSmarter was an instant success. People loved the way that the app made the entire process of booking a charter flight so much faster than it had previously been. This attracted many charter flight companies. They wanted to be featured on the app to gain exposure to its rapidly growing customer base. The number of people downloading the app started to increase at a higher rate than Sergey Petrossov had ever anticipated.

How did Sergey become so successful when he was a young person? He believes it is a combination of factors. He feels that he is a harder worker than most people. He has a drive and determination to succeed that is unlike most people. He is willing to go the extra mile in order to do something right. He also takes the time to come up with ideas for apps that people will actually want to use. He feels that many app developers do not give much thought to the products they churn out. Sergey believes in quality over quantity. He will take more time than most people to make sure an app if done right before it is released to the public. This will ensure there are no bugs that need to be fixed later.

Sergey Petrossov also feels that his ability to effectively pitch his ideas to potential investors has served him well over the years. He knows how to properly emphasize all of the positive aspects of his app to get investors interested.