Joe Fagan

Former Soccer Star, Now Soccer Fan

May 18, 2019

Wes Edens Enters English Football Industry with New Investments

Wes Edens has had an impressive career within the sporting industry, not on the field, but as someone who supports those who have the drive and power to stand out on the field. Wes Edens currently stands as the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and has played an important role in the development that the team has been seeing.

Prior to gaining ownership of the team, the Milwaukee Bucks did not have the best reputation. They were known for being a team that went light on the field, and a team that had some of the most non-threatening strategies when it came to the way that they played. Even while this was prominent, there was still an incredible amount of talent within the team. Wes Edens knew that if the team was given the right resources, they would be able to stand as a notable name within the sport. This led him to the decision of wanting to own the team, which then become a reality.

Ever since Wes Edens took ownership of the team, there has been an incredible transformation, not just in the manner that they play, but in the overall team morale. The Milwaukee Bucks have gone on to become one of the more notable names within the industry and have managed to gather an impressive win-loss ratio. The last few seasons for the team have been incredible, and there is no indication of them slowing down. The team is now being compared to some of the biggest names within the sport.

The success of the sporting team has interested Edens further in the sporting industry, leading him to newer endeavors. One of the newest ventures that he decided to take on was the purchase of the English team Aston Villa Football Club. This also stands as one of Edens’ first sports investments outside the United States and into a completely different sport. The team is considered to be one of the best in the sport and boasts of an incredibly well-groomed roster of players.

Wes Edens has high hopes for this venture and knows that this is a route that can bring him and the team an incredible amount of success.